WBA Scholarship

Wisconsin Bakers Association Scholarship

The application for the WBA Scholarship is now available.  Click here for the application.

The Wisconsin Bakers Association’s education committee submitted recommendations to the Board of Governors on Oct. 24, 1983, to implement the WBA Scholarship Program. The first scholarship awards were later presented in 1984. Since then, the WBA has awarded more than $25,000 in WBA Scholarships!
Under the WBA scholarship program, the maximum award that can be given to any one student per calendar year is $1,000. If you are a student who wants to take commercial baking courses you may be eligible for a WBA scholarship. Already a baker? Continue your education—a WBA Scholarship can help pave the way!

Please note: Wisconsin residents only can apply for the WBA Scholarship. A national scholarship, the Robert W. Hiller Scholarship, also is available and open to applicants pursuing a degree in the baking/pastry arts. Information about that award is below.

You must meet the following requirements to be eligible:

  • The applicant must have worked for a bakery operator for at least 500 hours.
  • The applicant must be at least 18 years of age by the time the scholarship would be in effect.
  • Three written references must be enclosed with the application form as to character and work experience.
  • The applicant must submit a resume along with a statement explaining his/her career objectives and why he/she deserves and needs the scholarship.
  • The applicant must have completed high school or passed the high school equivalency test (GED) by the time the scholarship would take effect.

A limited number of scholarships are available, so submit your application today by clicking here!
Contact the WBA Member Services Center at (800) 542-2688 if you have any questions. There is no deadline to apply for this scholarship.