WBA Board of Directors – Committees and Responsibilities

If you are a WBA Member and are interested in serving on one of the committees listed below, please contact

Scholarships and Education

Chairperson(s):        Tony Nieto

Committee Members:   Tamara Mugerauer, Ken Heil, and Tony Nieto

  • Promote baking education for the industry
  • Review and evaluate WBA Scholarship and Robert Hiller Scholarship applications, interview and select recipients – (Timeframe – Dec. 1st deadline for scholarship applications / interviews conducted in January / recipients announced at Midwest Foodservice Expo in March)
  • Outreach to high school and college baking/pastry arts programs (Timeframe – ongoing)

Events and Programs

Chairperson:  Tamara Mugerauer

Committee Members:  Jennifer Bukouricz, Tamara Mugerauer, and Ralf Tschenscher

  • Work with staff to plan, execute, and promote events and programs for WBA Members including but not limited to Bakers Forums, Midwest Foodservice Expo, WBA Family Day at Wisconsin State Fair, and Cake Decorating Competitions

Subcommittee:  Legislative and Public Relations

  • Monitors ongoing legislation related to the baking industry
  • Attends government hearings on important issues

Membership and Benefits

Chairperson:  Tara Nowak

Committee Members:  Tara Nowak, Tamara Mugerauer, Tony Nieto, and Jennifer Bukouricz

  • Promote Wisconsin Bakers Association to new members
  • Work with staff on recruitment and retention of members
  • Increase membership through personal outreach to local bakeries/cake shops
  • Review and recommend member benefits

Subcommittee:  Board Development (Nominating)

  • Helps identify and recruit new members for the Board of Directors
  • Preserves the quality of the Board of Directors
  • Helps orient new members to the Board
  • Annual Board self-evaluations / exit process

Budget and Finance

Chairperson(s):   Dawn Ebert

Committee Members:  Dawn Ebert and Larry Mugerauer

  • Supports the development of the annual budget
  • Supports the development of a long-term strategic plan and the overall financial health of the organization

Subcommittee:  Fundraising

  • Review fundraising activity and make recommendation for improvements
  • Work with Budget and Finance Committee to determine fundraising goals
  • Work with staff to plan and execute fundraising events