Organized in 1905, the Wisconsin Bakers Association is made up of retail and small wholesale bakeries, multi-unit operations, supermarket bakeries, and specialty shops. There are also special categories of membership for those who are in the allied trades, for students, and associate members. Join us in growing the WBA network.

The WBA has an appointed Board of Directors, which represents bakers from all areas of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. The Board sets forth the objectives of the association. Working closely with the WBA’s Board of Directors, the CEO implements these objectives and coordinates the association’s activities.

The Wisconsin Bakers Association also serves as the catalyst for bringing bakers and those in the allied trades together through special events such as workshops, conferences, conventions, and member events throughout the year.

The WBA is closely affiliated with The Retail Bakers of America, a national association of bakery operators.  We also work with other bakery affiliates and industry sources to bring our members the latest news to affect their business.