FYI – Wisconsin State Fair’s Amazing Food


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Image-10263107-220432658-2-WebLarge_0_457d75c507a1b69c595be2406d5643e9_1My friend Tom had the chance to visit the Wisconsin State Fair and I was amazed hearing him talk about some of the amazing food offered at the fair that’s oh so hard to resist


What’s so amazing about cream puffs?  Well perhaps that Wisconsin State Fair sold 387,000 of them in the 10 days of the fair in 2013!   Just imagine making that many cream puffs?   (And I’m not even going to write about why I wish Tom had tried some almost as amazing Pork Donuts!)


Well how about foods that you probably won’t find at a fast food place or your local supermarket (no matter how upscale!). Foods like Chocolate Covered Bacon???  (Tom notes that it is served icy cold because otheriwse the salted chocolate starts to melt and that the bacon is smoked bacon!)


The Wisconsin State Fair is big on “Food…

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