WBA Scholarship

Aubrey Johnson awarded WBA Scholarship

Wisconsin native attends Johnson and Wales this fall

By: Amy Behrendt

Traveler, gymnast, business owner:  Aubrey Johnson definitely stays busy and likes to get involved!  Things are about to get even busier for this Sobieski, Wis. resident, as she heads to Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI this fall.

She also can add Wisconsin Bakers Association (WBA) Scholarship recipient to her list of titles, as she was awarded a $1,000 scholarship prior to starting school.  In fact, she got the call from WBA Executive Director Dave Schmidt about winning the scholarship while she was at the school preparing for her first semester.

“…When I received the call, I was at Johnson and Wales for orientation, so that was very fitting!” Johnson said.  “I was extremely excited that I was chosen as a recipient of the WBA Scholarship.  It is one of those things that you think you have no chance at winning, but when it happens, you just have to pause and be thankful.”

Johnson plans to study Baking and Pastry Arts.  She has some very exciting goals for her future at the school.  “I have been accepted into the honors program, and I am really excited to start my course work,” she said in her essay to the WBA Scholarship Committee. “I plan to apply for an internship opportunity in France to immerse myself in the language, culture and baking.  My goal is to complete a bachelor’s degree in Baking and Pastry Arts, and French, and to open a bakery of my very own.”

Owning her own business and traveling to France won’t be new experiences for Johnson.  She said she traveled to France in 2011, and enjoyed the bakeries there.  She also is sole proprietor of Miettes Cupcakes, a business she started in 2011 to make cupcakes for parties and events (Miettes is French for “crumbs”).  http://miettescupcakes-com.webs.com/

She said orders for cupcakes have come by word of mouth and through her Web site.  She has had orders for weddings, graduation parties and birthdays.  She also has a booth at the second largest weekly Farmer’s Market in Wisconsin, On Broadway in Green Bay, Wis.  She recalled one order she has filled.  “My first large order was for 1,000 cupcakes for an event at the KI Convention Center,” she said in her essay.  “I felt a great sense of accomplishment, delivering the completed order after 16 hours of baking and decorating.”

With all the programs out there for baking and pastry arts, how did Johnson decide on Johnson and Wales?  Many factors went into Johnson’s decision to attend the school.  “I was trying to find a good culinary school with a college atmosphere,” she said.  “When I learned about Johnson and Wales, I only heard and read great things about it.  They have a variety of sports, clubs and organizations that you can join, which was important for me.

“Having sports and clubs really helps the students get involved and meet new people.  I absolutely fell in love with it when I toured the college last year.  Their Baking and Pastry programs, along with their honors programs, seem challenging and rewarding.”

Sports definitely have been an important part of Johnson’s life.  She was in gymnastics for eight years, along with coaching the sport.  She also was on the cross country team at her high school, Notre Dame Academy in Green Bay, Wis.

Johnson looks forward to everything Johnson and Wales has to offer, and is excited to start.  “Along with learning everything that I will ever need to know about baking and pastry, I am very excited to meet new people and have a change of scenery,” she said about her move out East.  “I have lived in Green Bay, Wis. my entire life and went to small schools since kindergarten.  I can’t wait to be in Rhode Island at a school that has more than 700 students!”

Johnson said she is really excited to take the Chocolates and Confections class, along with Sugar Artistry class.  “I have seen some of the things that are created from chocolate and sugar, and it absolutely amazes me, and soon I will have created something amazing too!” she said.

When she does manage to find some free time, Johnson said that she enjoys working out, reading, and spending time with her family and friends.  And, probably doing a little baking as well!  In just reading her essay to the scholarship committee, the commitment to the baking has been there for a long time!

“I discovered my passion for baking and pastry arts many years ago,” Johnson wrote in her essay.  “I would find myself spending hours upon hours in the kitchen trying new recipes and techniques.  I knew it was my passion when I looked at the clock and five hours passed by without even realizing it.  While spending this time in the kitchen, I found a love of baking and decorating cupcakes.”